Twelve Stones to Remember Him

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Happy New Year!

I met my 2013 goal to write and publish my first nonfiction book. Twelve Stones to Remember Him will be in stores within a week or so. This year, I will do more than  recognize God’s hand; I’ll remember.

I wrote this book to collect and share stories of divine influence in the lives of faithful individuals challenged by the economy.

When financial or other physical problems come into our lives, it’s easy to think the blessings from God are far away. But those are the times when we need the comfort, peace, grace and mercy from a loving Heavenly Father and His Son the most.

That was what our family and others needed in recent years. And that’s what I found as I researched, interviewed and wrote this book.

God is with us! He is aware of us and our challenges. And He loves us and blesses us beyond our mortal vision.

The children of Israel in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible witnessed many divine miracles, but when hardship returned, as it often will in life, they forgot Him and all He’d done and hardened their hearts.

But, in His love, God provided a way for them to remember. (See Joshua 4) And He’s done the same for us, today, too.

Our  memorials of faith are not physical monuments of stone, but they can be as just as real and important.

In 2014, I invite you to recognize, recall and remember with me!

I’ve set up a Facebook page, Twelve Stones to Remember Him, to go along with the book. It’s not just a place to promote this book or my other work.

It’s a space where we can discuss, like a virtual ongoing book club, the principles that help us to remember Him.

Come. Like the page. Share.

How has God has sustained you through the recession, through financial crisis or other challenges?

Your answers to the questions in this community, like the true stories from this book, will inspire others to recognize, recall and remember.

I hope that you and I can learn together this year how to build spiritual memorials to cope with challenges, gain wisdom from the experience, and mark God’s goodness for the future.

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