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The Question: Have I Seen the Hand of God Reaching Out to Touch Us Today?

I like nice people. I especially like nice customer service people on the other end of the phone when I call about a problem. Do you know the type I mean?

They answer in a courteous tone. They have access to all my information in front of them. They ask questions that show me they listened and understand me. They offer solutions to resolve my concern. And they give me information about what I can expect from that solution. At the end of that, they even thank me for the privilege of serving me.

That’s nice customer service.

Lifetouch Photography‘s phone representatives were all of these things when I had a minor mishap this week with my son’s order for school pictures. On our end, we misplaced the photo packet. We guessed about the package price. We picked a packet without the 5×7’s for grandparents. And when we realized all of this, we had a parent/child meltdown.

And when I called for help—TWICE—they helped. They even sent two extra photo pages and wouldn’t let me pay for them. Wow, that is rare and worth some notice!

Thank You, Lifetouch!

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