Always An Example

My teenager daughter, EH, answers The Question: Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today?

I was coming home from work at our local arboretum recently on my bike and soon came to a busy crossing. I was tired and hated trying to get up my momentum after stopping to let cars go by.

In front of me a girl, about 10- or 11-years-old, and her younger brother, about 6-years-old, were doing something with their bikes near the street. It seemed that she was showing her brother how to cross a busy street on a bike.

I stopped and waited for a lull in the traffic, like normal, even though I knew of the challenge to gain back that momentum. The street was busier than normal, and I had to wait a little while, but I saw and heard something that amazed me.

The girl pointed to me and said, “Watch. See, she stops.”

I was amazed that such a simple act as doing something that is natural to me can be used to teach others.

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