Anniversary Gifts

The Question: Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our family today?

Spring is not only wedding time; it is anniversary time. We celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary next week. Our best anniversary gifts are from celebrating the 40th wedding anniversaries of both sets of parents.

Paul’s parents celebrated their 40th this month. Despite the fact that our immediate family lives 1000 miles away from his parents and siblings, Paul had a business trip at the same time and was able to join the celebration.

While he was gone, I realized that in the past few years his business trips/visits home by himself are a blessing to his relationship with his parents, my relationship to them and our marriage relationship.

I haven’t been an easy daughter-in-law. Meshing two people together is difficult enough. Then, we are supposed to mesh well into already existing families. Time and maturity have helped me.

But even more, his visits by himself help. He can be just their son and not have to be a husband, father and a son all at the same time. I couldn’t have planned for that blessing.

For my parent’s anniversary celebration, we presented them with a surprise copy of their 40-year story together. I interviewed each of them separately. They told stories and expressed feelings about situations that I had only known from a child’s perspective. My siblings and I compiled their story and pictures into a book and published it with Heritage Makers.

The writing process of their marriage story showed me how their marriage grew stronger over time. Ironically, my mom said that the times they drew closest together were the times when they had challenges and would have to work together to deal with those challenges.

Congratulations to our givers of gifts! We love you.

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