Coming At It From a Different Angle

My Daily Question: Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today?

I try too hard. Once, in my enthusiasm—others might call it zeal—to pursue a goal, someone said about my efforts, “Don’t shove it down their throats.” What followed was a pattern of resistance to any changes I suggested, and I took it personally.

Now, I have a new responsibility with new people. Again, I’m interested by what I can learn and give and excited to be involved with new people. But in a short time, I sensed and then saw that some are not so excited about the change.

I couldn’t help but think, “Am I repeating a pattern? What is wrong with my approach?”

And sensitive as I am, I took it to heart. I thought I’d toughened myself against the hurt, but it still stings. When my emotions grew, I stewed over how to resolve the problem head-on, cataloging in my mind all the things that “should” happen. My problem-solving turned to fretting, instead of inspiration. Humbled, I prayed to know where to direct my efforts and still move forward.

The answer: I needed to set aside this immediate challenge and allow another leader to work towards its solution. While I still felt like I had something valuable to add and cared about the outcome, I trusted the answer to shift my focus to different individuals.

I contacted them, and as we talked, I recognized their strengths and considered those. I approached my leader with a suggestion of how to use them for an upcoming assignment. She agreed, and I prepared.

In the course of doing so, I discovered that we were putting in place a new environment in which it would be possible for the other issue to be resolved from a different angle. That approach would have remained unknown to me without prayerful tempering of my will and refocusing of my energy.

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