Internal Correction

The Question: Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today?

I am a thief. I stole two hangers from a hotel. Paul pointed it out to me when he unpacked. Sure enough, two outfits attached to two wooden hotel hangers.

My first thought—return them immediately or my guilt will overflow each time I see them. I could mail them back to the hotel, which was in Minnesota but not in a city I would travel to soon.

I separated them from our hangers. And for seven days they stayed. (I don’t go to the post office that often.)

On the eighth day I prepared the lesson for my Old Testament class on correction, chastisement, and repentance. “And if it be stolen from him, he shall make restitution unto the owner thereof.” Exodus 22:12

Before even teaching the class, I set the hangers on the floor of our closet where we would trip on them. I asked Paul if he could return them on his business trip.

He redeemed me. They gave him a cookie. I received a clear conscious.

For all the bad hype we give to nagging feelings of guilt, I still prefer that small corrective way to the more destructive scriptural accounts of chastisements when God’s people didn’t respond to quieter means.


  1. Carrie Jensen
    May 1, 2008

    I know the feeling. I did my taxes a couple weeks ago and after submitting everything electronically, I realized that I had neglected to include a $500 scholarship I had received. It only changed my tax by about 23 dollars but I quickly realized that as irritating as it was going to be, I must push myself to go through the hassle of filling out an ammended return. The peace of mind was worth the hour it took to figure it out.

  2. Rachel Corbett
    May 5, 2008

    Ya’ll are good girls! I would have said “Score! 2 new hangers!” Honestly though, I am lucky to have such good sisters!

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