Taking Us Beyond Freezing

“Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today?”

At 5:30 a.m. this morning I woke up to a -21 degrees F. reading on my digital bedside thermometer. Maybe it is not so smart to attach thermometers to digital alarm clocks. Our local newspaper reported today that Wednesday (Feb. 20)

marked the 11th day this year that low temperatures landed at or below 20 degrees below zero. . . Cold remains in Thursday’s forecast, with lows of 16-21 degrees below in the morning. . . . Wind chills Thursday will be 30-40 degrees below zero, the National Weather Service reported.

If my reading was at all accurate, today is the 12th day living in a deep freeze.

frost on the window

You may ask, how can this frosty news be related in any way to an answer to The Question that I ask myself daily? Aren’t the blessings I am looking for supposed to be inspirational? Well, after several months of asking this daily question, I am learning that seeing God’s hand in our lives is all about changing our perspective.

This week my children had Monday off from school for President’s Day and Tuesday off for a teacher inservice day. By then we all had cabin fever and were eager to get back into our routines. But guess what? On Wednesday school was canceled due to wind chill warnings.

ladder to the crow's nestThankfully, through prayer and inspired problem solving, I greeted the children at breakfast with a plan to warm up the day in a different way. After Pop Tarts and scrambled eggs, we all dressed in our sweats and ascended to the warmest room in the house—our crow’s nest in the furnished part of our attic.

. . . where we spent the day in a practical economics class. . .


Despite the bonus psychology lessons in management of emotions and the repeated religion tutorial on how pride cometh before the fall, we thoroughly enjoyed becoming bankrupt in three hours of Monopoly and amassing a small fortune in six months worth of Payday.

Yes, school was on for today. However, at family prayers this morning they all gleefully cheered, “Only two more days until the weekend!”


  1. Liza
    Feb 24, 2008

    I love your inspired problem solving! I want to be like you.

  2. TJ
    Feb 25, 2008

    To Liza – You are! Where do you think I learn this stuff but from my inspired friends!

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