The Connective Power of Compassion

“Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today?”

If you have been paying attention to anyone, anywhere lately, lots of us are sick right now, and this week was my turn. Sickness comes full force to me. I feel everything fully, wretchedly, painfully.

I feel my mind and my emotions activated, too, with each part seeming to plunge in to solve my pain. And if this messy pot is being stirred together in the night-time hours, the loneliest hours of the day, it creates one very needy sick person.

At the bedsideWhen I am well I teach my children that fear and faith are opposites. When I am ill I involuntarily fear, not the sickness as much as the unknown it brings.

That is when I most need faith to comfort and heal me but when the setting and the circumstances just don’t bring that spiritual calm I desire. More often than not, my recurring prayer given at such hours is simply, “Help me remember this feeling, that I may have compassion.”

In this state of exhausted sickness, unable to settle my body or my spirit, a friend called. She may have been calling for some compassion of her own, she’d had a horrible morning with a car that wouldn’t start and plugged up toilets, but when she realized my needs she said, “I need to forget myself and serve.”

She lives nearly two hours away, but her words were her service. My mind relaxed, my spirit was soothed, my body stopped trembling. I felt calm restored.

Throughout this brief every-day illness, I was not only able to see but feel the Lord’s hand reaching out to relieve my suffering as she and many, many others learned of my sickness and gave aid.

Compassion is His tool to connect us to each other and Him.


  1. Melissa Rappleye
    Mar 6, 2008

    Lovely post and so nice to be able to see faith in every day situations.

  2. Rachel Corbett
    Mar 9, 2008

    I feel for you! Every time I am sick I just hope and pray that it is almost over. Then I slowly get better and one day I have no more symptoms. But the amazing thing is that it usually takes a few more days before I even fully realize that I am better and take a minute to be thankful for my resotred health!

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