The Virtues of A Nap

The Question: Have I Seen the Hand of God Reaching Out To Touch Us Today?

When my babies were little I started my favorite daily habit—a nap. Even now with my baby being nearly ten, I never gave up the wisdom of grandmothers to young mothers to sleep when the baby sleeps. Sleep restores me. I could do it with a large dose of sugar and maybe get the same effect, but that has proven to be a few too many calories and not very long-lasting. Some may be embarrassedd to take a nap or admit it when they do, but to me, a nap is a gift with many virtues.

Nurturing something that nourishes; to promote and sustain the growth and develop of. Naps are my sustenance. My mind takes a break. My body is still. When I have rested, I am ready to go again.

Antidotal a remedy used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison; an agent that relieves or counteracts. Stress is my poison. My emotions are, too. Naps are my antidote.

Pleasing to give enjoyment, pleasure or satisfaction to. Passion drives me toward goals, not toward entertainment. And naps are my time for me.

We’re getting in a lot of NAP (nurturing, antidotal, and pleasing) -time around here lately, and it’s sure been nice.


  1. Donnetta-momrn2
    Nov 6, 2008

    Not afraid to say that I grab a nap now and then when I can too! It’s amazing what even 20-30 minutes can do for a body!

    Unfortunately, today’s schedule will not be allowing for a nap. *sigh*…

  2. Camille
    Nov 6, 2008

    Definitely a necessity in our home! I can’t survive without them. I’ve found that your A in nap is so necessary for me too. My emotions need a break! I can wake up and not be so upset.

  3. An Ordinary Mom
    Nov 6, 2008

    I am never afraid to grab a nap when I can … I ADORE this post!

  4. Mozi Esme's Mommy
    Nov 6, 2008

    I like this! Maybe I need to start looking at naps in a whole different light!

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