Wednesday Night Talk and Walk

The Question: Have I Seen the Hand of God Reaching Out To Touch Us Today?

My new responsibility is to work with the teenage girls in our church. We meet together on Sunday and Wednesday night youth activities, which my husband and my oldest daughter also attend. My two youngest children come to the church with us on activity night, too. Occasionally they have scouts or activities of their own. But mostly they practice the piano, play ball in the gym or read while they wait.

This time, they planned to play in the gym. I encouraged them to bring a book, just in case, but the just-in-case-part went unheeded.

After the activity started, I left the room to make copies and discovered my son and daughter at odds with each other in the hallway. My son sulked about not wanting to play anything. My daughter sulked that NH wouldn’t play with her. “I can’t solve this for you,” I said and went back to the youth activity.

At the end of the night, they both were smiling and I assumed they’d worked it out together. On the way home, though, my daughter began telling me about a walk she had taken.

“Sister S and I walked past the houses by the church,” she babbled from the back seat. “When she was my age it was just a field, and her primary class buried a time capsule by the field. They were supposed to dig it up a year after they graduated, but they never did.”

She continued to talk non-stop about the discoveries they made in the neighborhood around the church. Eventually I pieced together that a college student from our church who we know well was also waiting while the activity took place. She had volunteered to entertain KH with a walk while they waited.

At a time when I couldn’t give to KH, someone else did. Her service meant a lot, and I told her so. “It was no problem. I had so much fun on that walk,” she said. “I got to know her a little better, and I can’t believe how much she can talk.”

Just like the teenage girls who I associate with, my daughter received a fresh companion with a fresh ear to hear her.

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