Working Together So We Can Play Together

The Questions: Have I Seen the Hand of God Reaching Out to Touch Us Today?

For all my grumbling lately about being overwhelmed with busy extras, I have failed to recognize some of the important ways my family works together to make our house a well-ordered home.

This week, in particular, I noticed that help. On Monday night they agreed to forego playing a family game to gather camping gear for this week’s trip. My youngest daughter and son worked with me, and we organized the tents and sleeping bags.

Nh’s scout camp experience reminded me to “be prepared” with essentials like rope and a lantern with fresh batteries. Kh’s attention to detail encouraged me to put together a container of dish-washing essentials like dish soap, paper towels, scrub brush, drying towel and dishcloth in a dish pan with a lid while she made a similar bucket for hand washing.

While we did that, Paul and our oldest daughter worked to fix her broken bicycle. When we camp, we choose a site near one of the many bike trails in Minnesota’s trail system. Eh’s bike gears haven’t worked all summer, and that meant the whole family couldn’t go on a family ride. But in a matter of an hour or two, Paul fixed the gears and her flat tire, saving the time and money of a visit to the bike shop. I know he is pretty handy at the technical stuff, but this was an unexpected bonus blessing.

And now, we’re all happy campers.

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