Pace of Life

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My husband wants a pause button for life. If he hits it, everyone else stops and he can catch up on all the tasks he needs to complete. We did see the movie, Click, but I don’t think this is necessarily what he has in mind. He just wants to complete his responsibilities and not miss life in the the process.

I can relate. The things I do are important to me; I choose a purpose and the actions to get me there. But, I want to diminish the nagging feeling that comes when I sit down to relax and suddenly recall the rest of my got-to-do lists. And I want to reduce the frantic pace that I set for myself thinking that if I hurry up and complete the tasks at hand then I will be free to relax and enjoy the moment.

I now know that the tasks are never finished and they never will be. Does that mean I don’t do all these worthy things? No, but I did need to discover my pause button with the challenge to give myself an hour of solitude.

I spent my hour alone in one of my favorite places—my garden. Listening and looking retuned my senses. My pace slowed. Time slowed.

Being became as important as Doing.


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Being with someone is part of the purpose of the May Reading Challenge, which is to read to or with someone before next Tuesday, May 27. Do you want to Try It With Me?

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