Preserve A Piece of Summer

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We awoke to temperatures in the 40’s or 50’s the last few mornings, and the sumac is turning red. Our summer is changing to fall and the children are going back to school. The change of season brings relief from the feeling of always being on the go, but I will miss the summer help from my children and reading Watership Down after lunch, the garden flowers, sleeping in later, and easier routines. This week’s challenge to anyone who wants to try it with me:

Preserve a piece of summer for the future.

I’m making salsa with my children from all those peppers in our garden. Preserving isn’t just about canning vegetables or making jam. To preserve is to maintain or keep intact or prepare for future use.

Take a picture of a flower in your yard or a scene along a walk that you take. Write a journal entry to preserve a memory. Spend an hour with your child talking about what they liked doing this summer. Tell a story from your own childhood.

What are you doing to preserve this summer?

Join in by trying the challenges with me, commenting, linking, or suggesting a challenge. If you want to write a post on your blog about what happened when you took the challenge, I will publish your link. Just link to my website in your post and send me your link. Feel free to use the TIWMT image in your post.

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  1. Sarah
    Aug 27, 2008

    What a great idea. I’ll have to put my creative juices to that one.

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