Routines That Are More Than Repititious

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I didn’t pull out a new backpack or sharpen my pencils when my children went back to school, but I did challenge myself to evaluate my routines and identify one or two that need a change and make that change.

Did you try it with me?

I anticipated some of my changes, but once I started evaluating, I was surprised by possibilities I hadn’t imagined. See if you can guess which change from the ones below had that unexpected impact.

Change of Habit. My father-in-law believes exercise should be productive, like working in the yard or walking to the store. I buy into the theory, but in practice, I just can’t raise my heart rate enough even with all the  running up and down the stairs that I do. And while Paul expends a lot of mental energy at work, he doesn’t burn many calories at his desk, in his car or standing at a job site. Both of us are nearing forty. Our metabolisms are changing and our activity level needs to increase.

Ironically, the same day our family hauled loads of firewood inside for our Tulikivi wood stove, Paul unpacked our new elliptical machine. He’s been working out regularly at the YMCA for more than eight months to reduce his risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Now that we’re both sticking to a routine, we’ve canceled our 8-year-old membership and created daily workouts at home.

What habits are you changing?

Change of Schedule. My mother always said that her father always said, “An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon.”

After my young babies grew up and learned to sleep late, I eased back on getting up early myself. Now, everyone in our house has shifted to an earlier schedule, again, and we’re praying that my mom is right.

That’s the reason for the elliptical at home—to get our exercise in before the day begins, and that’s 4:50 a.m. for me! Can I keep it up? I hope so. I would have to be up by 5:30 anyway, and I don’t know how I would wake up otherwise.

Is your schedule changing with the change of seasons?

Change of Tradition. Something else we’ve been doing for the last eight years, too, has been to sit in the exact same church pew every Sunday. We sit in the back 1/3 of our chapel on the left-hand side. When we first sat there, the door was a close escape for a our crying one-year-old. Now, I’m distracted from my real purpose in being there.

No, we didn’t cancel that membership, but we did need a change. This past Sunday we sat on the right-hand side of the chapel in the third row from the front. I received some looks and comments, probably stunning a few people, but we loved the move. My daughter said, “I feel closer to the meeting and more a  part of it.”

Have any of your traditions diminished in meaning? How have you changed them?

To be honest, the few that I included only prompted a large evaluation of all my goals, especially my writing goals. I have written at this website for nine months. Today is post #235. Consistent posting is a routine that develops my writing, but I keep wondering if I am just toiling or if this is a productive use of my writing time. I’ve opened the door to another pondering process, and I’m wondering where that will lead.

When is a routine leading somewhere and when does it just become repetitious?

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