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“I don’t want to tell you again to leave your sister alone,” I yelled down the stairs.

“OKKKK. . . .” my son said.

Does this sound familiar at anyone else’s house? For some lucky souls, school starts this week or next; we have two more weeks to go. I thought I’d lose my mind when I tried to comprehend all that we have piled into those two weeks.

In addition to all the last minute doctor appointments, schedule pick-ups, open houses, meetings with teachers, band camp, we still need to buy school supplies and school clothes, and we’re going to try to squeeze in a much-needed family camping trip. Shopping for school supplies is on the schedule for today.

When I woke up yesterday I just want to sit down to the computer and write a thoughtful post for Try-It-With-Me-Tuesday challenging myself to spend some quality time with my children. In actuality, I really wanted to escape and spend some quality time alone.

Instead, I did my motherly duty and I ignored my computer and my desk and my “me time” and went to check on my kids’ assignment to clean out their individual cabinets and organize their desks. What I saw seemed hazardous, but I held on and suggested I could work with them. Then, they knew what that would mean.

We spent most of the morning cleaning, tossing and reorganizing. We emptied every cabinet and reassigned each child a new cabinet, plus one for me and one for supplies.

I’d avoided this project all summer. Ironically, now, the more we did, the more energy I felt to tackle the other projects that would domino from this one. The final result impressed all of us. Now, if we can just keep it that way until school begins.

Back to school is my new year. Is it that way for you? What do you plan to organize?

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