The Challenge I Didn’t Need

Try-It With-Me Tuesday, an interactive weekly time and place to foster connections that challenge and encourage the process to become a well-rounded person.

I Need A Nap! That’s the feeling I had when I sat down multiple times to write about my challenge this week to observe the people who intersect my life, be aware of them and consider their influence.

To be very honest, all that observing, considering and interacting with people outside my circle of friends, families and acquaintances plus continuing to observe, consider, interact and care for those within my own circle burst my emotional limits.

I discovered that there is a reason we have limited circles—we need social and emotional limits. For one who is naturally empathetic, which I am, this was the wrong challenge. I didn’t need to add an additional load of concern to my plate for those whose lives are not already intertwined with mine.

So there it is. And now I will nap.

What about you? Do you need a challenge to look outside yourself or do you do that already?

Join in by trying the challenges with me, commenting, linking, or suggesting a challenge. If you want to write a post on your blog about what happened when you took the challenge, I will publish your link. Just link to my website in your post and send me your link. Feel free to use the TIWMT image in your post.

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  1. Ryan
    Jul 15, 2008

    I guess I need a challenge, but I know what you mean about emotionally stretching yourself to the limits. Most any extended bout of social interaction makes me want to sleep. It’s exhausting.

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