Gratitude: The Answer to a Cancer Diagnosis?



Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day here in Minnesota, and I’m glad to be home with my family to enjoy their company and the good weather as I continue to recover from my second surgery.

The first was an appendectomy to remove a neuorendocrine carcinoid tumor. Because the tumor had invaded the nerve cells of the appendix, I had a right hemicolectomy a week ago, in which they took out the right side of my large intestines and reattached the two ends and removed the 12 lymph nodes, the accompanying blood vessels and some fatty tissue that surrounds those.

Recovery has been difficult, about two to three times more so than the last surgery.

I received a phone call from my surgeon yesterday. He said that in the biopsy of what they removed this time they found a 4 mm tumor in one of the 12 lymph nodes and another amidst the fatty tissue.

We are so grateful they performed that surgery. It was not just precautionary, but important to stop the spread.

For the future, that may mean they have removed all of the cancer, but we don’t really know. I have some follow-up appointments in the next few weeks, including one with a medical oncologist to determine what further scans or treatment they might do.

I turn 42 on Monday, which apparently is the answer to life, the universe and everything. This experience and our previous financial one has left me with a deeper gratitude for life, the universe and everything, but certainly not all the answers.

I do know Heavenly Father is real and aware of us. He does answer those concerns and questions I have, one at a time, not all at once. Sometimes that is a frustration, but I see His hand in helping me take the first steps in this journey when I didn’t know whether my symptoms where something or nothing. I still see His hand now as I focus on the small steps of recovery ahead of me.

Thank you for you love and concern and care. Many have asked what they can do. Your prayers have been tremendous. I call upon that help you’ve sought for me in those prayers in those critical moments of pain or need. They have helped.

I will continue to blog here about my experience and my desire to be grateful in any circumstances, whether it be sickness or health.


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  1. David Jensen
    May 25, 2014

    Your strength and outlook adds to our strength to endure what ever comes our way in this life. To all who know and love you, you have been an inspiration to each of us. Happy Birthday dear daughter.



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